Solar mounted on a roof top

Barbara Schreiner once said that, “water is a remarkable substance-central to life. It feeds our nations, drives our industry, washes away our troubles, quenches our thirst and brings beauty and pleasure into our lives,” and heck she forgot to add, baptizes and washes away our sins. As of late, people are becoming a lot more environmentally conscious. Companies are becoming Eco-friendly and a large percentage of Kenyans is more aware of their actions. However, water conservation has recently seemed to dim out of the spot light and fade from peoples thoughts but that is not the case for Mr. Eric Hawkins.

Eric is a renewable energy/designer consultant. He is also and has been an entrepreneur for the past 45years with 12 business start ups to date. He is the owner and founder of Solar Speed flex Co Ltd (Hong Kong) with two assembly business joint ventures in Chine mainland. Eric uses his experience gained in Cyprus to demonstrate why thermo siphons systems are not designed for countries with water shortages as Cyprus has come to realize after 30 years of use.

In April 2018, Cape Town with 4 million people will see their water supply turned off. Water shortages and drought affects children’s education. Through the use of a central located solar pasteurizer, we can convert dirty river water to clean, safe drinking water. Without a full dam of rainfall, the generation of electricity also comes to an end. A 2nd new law should be implemented in Kenya, that all buildings to be installed with a guttering system to collect rain water from the roof into a large storage tank. The water can be used for household chores like washing and once passed through a micro filter, and boiled, one can drink it.


Eric says that, “America is already feeling the effects of climate change, from reduced rainfall, hurricanes, forest fires, mud slides due to burning of millions of acres of forests and colder weather below freezing in Florida, with heavy snow falls in 2017-18. Nobody anywhere in the world has an answer to where the rain will fall and for how long it will last without causing flooding as it happened in Paris last month with river levels 5 meters above normal, causing massive floods.” So what can be done to store rain water by harvesting and also purifying it for drinking and heating it? The rain water storage tank can be surface mounted or beneath the ground, with the pumps powered by a battery charged by a solar panel. Dirty water can also be cleaned through a solar evaporator process. Solar Water Heater Pasteurizes is a proven technology and is established in 53 countries worldwide.

The impact of contaminated water is staggering. Approximately 80% of all illnesses in the developing countries result directly from waterborne pathogens. An estimated 4.6 million children and adults die from diarrhea each year. The primary cause of this is contaminated water. The leading cause of death for children under the age of 5 in developing nations is infections from waterborne diseases. 1.2 billion People do not have access to drinking water free from disease-causing microbes. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2025, this number will increase to more than 2 billion. Microbiology contaminated water places a tremendous burden on the lives and health of the world’s poorest nations causing needless illness and deaths where people struggle to survive. Even within large cities, water systems are unsafe. The Solar Water Heater Pasteurizer is the solution that mankind has been longing for.

Why the Solar Water Heater Pasteurizer?

Boiling contaminated water is an effective measure for those who can afford it. But boiling consumes valuable wood supplies which contribute to deforestation and air pollution. Now there is a simple, effective and long-term solution. Safe Water Systems has invented an innovative and revolutionary technology called Solar Water Heat Pasteurizer that uses the heat of the sun to disinfect drinking water. Test conducted by specialists have proved that the water pasteurizer is effective in destroying disease causing bacteria, viruses, protozoa and worms. Every major new development should have its own water reservoir. Through the Solar Water Heater Pasteurizer, we can save lives, energy and money. It requires no manpower to run after installation, the sun is the source of energy and can easily be mounted on roof tops. Let’s invest and establish our own solar water heating manufacturing industry for a better tomorrow



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