While traditional business models provide a more regular income, in real estate, it might take months before income starts coming your way. Before venturing, planning is KEY. It makes you more successful since it helps you things through and aid in validating your idea and start setting goals and milestones. A plan gives you a way to formalize your goals and direction.

How do you know you’ve got and idea that will work? How do you know that you have picked a market niche that actually has a target market? This question can be answered by conducting both primary and secondary market research. It gives you a broader view of whether or not the target market you have picked is worth venturing into. Taking time to do market research early will save you time and money. If you are a doer first, simply get in there and start doing things.


Create and build your own brand. If you have a memorable brand, then it’s easier to build credibility, attract potential customer and possibly investors. Although you can influence your brand through well designed logos, carefully crafted press releases, campaigns and friendly services, your brand is what the outside world says it is. Your reputation is all down your relationships. In real estate when branding, try to make it as personal as possible. This line of business relies heavily on interactions. Be someone people want to associate with because after all, you yourself are a brand.

Then make it legal. Find a name for your business, register it and obtain all the necessary business licenses and permits. One great thing about real estate is that you do not need a huge amount of  money to get started. Do not just calculate the start up cost, calculate the “carrying cost”, as in how long it will take for the cash to start flowing. Finally focus on building a reputation within your chosen niche and adjust your plan accordingly to suite your working style then you are good to go.



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