MKU’s ultramodern Alumni Plaza.

Since its inception in 1996, Mount Kenya University (MKU) has produced outstanding graduates who are in high demand in the labour market.  The leading private university continues to make vital contribution to the development of human capital in Kenya and beyond our borders.  MKU provides a stimulating learning environment through an innovative student-based and quality-driven approach to teaching and learning. To prepare its students for the ever changing world, MKU ensures that they enjoy a personalized and highly   interactive learning environment. Consequently, it unlocks their potential.

 MKU has invested heavily in its facilities and staff to ensure that students who choose to join it get access to a wide range of courses that form a springboard to great career opportunities.  The varsity is at the forefront of using information and communication technology (ICT) to support learning and teaching.  Consequently,   it has invested heavily in the use of e-learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that no student misses   classes. Moreover, MKU has strong teaching values that give its students flexible and dynamic learning experience.  The varsity aims at becoming   a leading centre of academic excellence and a preferred destination for all those who aspire for a fulfilling learning   experience.


 MKU students are exposed to programmes that present a sound theoretical foundation and a strong practical background. That is   why it   is the most preferred private university by both government and self-sponsored students in Kenya. The varsity    offers a wide-range of academic and professional courses, through various flexible modes that include:  virtual learning, evening classes, weekend classes as well as the school based programme.  In addition, it consistently provides relevant programmes to fulfill the ever-changing needs of its students, community and the 21st century workforce. To facilitate industry- academia linkages, MKU has forged synergetic partnerships with local, regional and international universities, industries as well as   public and private institutions.

 Currently, MKU has over one hundred   partnerships and linkages at local, regional and international levels.  It is   one of the top ranked universities   nationally and regionally. To begin with, the university’s medical school was ranked first by the East African Community (EAC) medical practitioners and dentists boards. In the same breath, MKU is among the top ten universities in Kenya- Webometric and i4CU rankings. Additionally, according to Corporate Staffing Services Limited ranking, MKU graduates are among the top ten most preferred by employers. At the same time, MKU digital repository is ranked position   three   in Kenya. It is also among the top 100 universities in Africa according to UniRank. Madison Insurance survey on   higher education also rated MKU as the most affordable and leading private university in Kenya in terms of number of programmes on offer and students population.


 There are many accolades that MKU has received over the years. To start with, the university is fully chartered. It is also   ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning that it is committed on compliance with international standards on quality. In this day and age of digitization, MKU has rolled out   Wi-Fi internet in all its campuses. 

 The university recognizes the diversity of its student population. It therefore develops talents by organizing cultural events.  Additionally,   it allows inclusion of all. In that breath, it is a United Nations Academic Impact global hub of SDG 10: reduced inequalities. 


Many prospective students are unable to pursue higher education due to shortage of finance.  To address that challenge, MKU   charges   affordable   fees  and  the mode of payment is flexible.  The students have a choice to study from any of its accredited campuses in Kenya and other countries, hence enhancing   access to quality education.    

 MKU students also benefit from academic exchanges with foreign and local institutions of higher learning.  The university is   committed to a broad-based, holistic and inclusive system of education. Its main campus is situated in Thika town:  less than one hour drive from Nairobi City along General Kago Road.  MKU’s   overall goal is to promote   human resource development for society’s progressive good. It has therefore   adopted several international best practices in its core functions. This has enabled both its students and faculty to   win various   awards, thereby stamping its authority as a centre of excellence. 



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