A Woman Who Initiates Conversation Is A Strong Woman Period!


By Ronnie Evans.​

So I have been told more times than I can count that I usually take a swing at women’s weaknesses in my posts, status updates and reviews. I want to clarify that all that is in the name of expressing myself and nothing personal.

The breed of women who possess these particular attributes that am about to address are strong by my book. From time in memorial, women have been subjected to predetermined societal roles that even dictate how they should behave. Of course, being the 21st century, people are more at liberty to do whatever they please.

As such, we are seeing the emergence of a group of strong women who initiate conversations. Claire (not her real name obviously), a long time best friend of mine told me during our many close interactions that it takes a lot for a woman to start even small talk with a strange man.

Well it has happened to me on several occasions before you know. Later, these women confided to me that they had to conjure most of their inner energy, analyse all their variables on how it would play out before saying the magic word ‘hi’. Personally, I respect such women because they have defied the norm and are not afraid to get out of their comfort zone.

A real man will never consider such women as ‘cheap’ or ‘easy’. That is just a twisted mentality concocted by those who are tied down instead of opting for this enthralling experience. Who knows, some of the good friends one makes in life are those they met in such an unorthodox fashion.

For the women who are bold enough, good for you. For those who are still divided on this issue, take your time (not too long though). No matter the adversity, nothing will come close to the strength of a woman.




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