How Text Messages Can Leave You Single, Frustrated And Out Of Love Luck


It is commonplace that people often intentionally or unintentionally ignore the small things in life. In some cases these so called small things we overlook can at times result in disaster. We are all living in the digital world where mobile technology has been embraced. Short Message Service or SMS has been a long term feature in our gadgets.

Popularly, the feature is used for chats and quick interactive exchange of information. If you are a woman who is lonely and single, it may be your short replies and texting style that puts potential suitors off. If you are a man, it may be your texting that strikes you out of the game before you can put your best foot forward.

Now for what you have been dying to read, the following scenarios have put many in this predicament….Read on

1.Using short forms of short forms

Lord have mercy! Whoever came up with short forms did not envision the current misuse and mockery that we see today. Truth be told, it is already draining and frustrating enough to pick up your phone and read something that goes like this. “Ey m ad cz patwa na stress anadai aez kula chakula.” What the poor miscreant  (respectfully) is trying to say is “Hey hadi mimi siwezi kupatwa na stress. Anadai hawezi kula chakula. [Hey I cannot be stressed. She claims that she is unable to eat].

Looking at the first sentence shows that either his grammar teacher short changed him in class or that spelling his name is surely the only thing he can hopefully do properly. If you are a victim you know what to do. Need I say more?

2.Drunken texting

OK we get it. Alcohol gives one the confidence to get things off their chest that they would ideally not say. So picking up your phone and texting someone when you are drunk is a turn off. You might come out as a loser if you are a man or a cheap woman. If someone has something deep to tell me, just say it. I don’t judge. I am a listener after all. Moreover, you are in danger of exposing a side of you that is best kept a secret. Keep it together guys!

3. Over-texting

So you want this guy or girl all to yourself right? However, you keep on texting them like they have some kind of irresistible insulin. Well sorry to bust your bubble but if you continuously bombard their phones with countless number of messages; you will make them feel like your world revolves around them. This will also give them the impression that you have nothing better to do with your time….Enough said.

Hey, I don’t to come off as too strong. I am a writer and text messages is one of the many ways I exercise my craft. So I can keep  up a good conversation for hours and you could too with proper motivation. If you like texting then text away baby! 🙂



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