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Unlike a number of years ago, many women have today embraced entrepreneurship. Despite the turbulence that characterizes the world of entrepreneurship, such women have been very daring and focused.  There are those who have opted for business as opposed to formal employment in order to follow their passion.

Given their routine nature, some formal jobs (even in big organizations) are not inspiring despite the assurance of a paycheque at the end of the month.  In addition, owning a business means taking charge of the driver’s seat and failure is not an option.

In some unfortunate scenarios, women face discrimination at their workplaces despite being highly qualified and experienced. They, therefore, opt to start their own businesses where they can get rewarded through the effort that they put.  Entrepreneurship also grants them an opportunity to set their own schedules without worrying that there is some boss who is lording it over them.

Even if success is not guaranteed in business, it is often said that it feels better to fail at something you love, as opposed to succeeding in something you do not care about.



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