WordPress is world’s most known site where writers are free to contribute their articles. It is  a free and open software which allows individuals to enhance their online presence. It can also be used as a platform to earn money depending on the individual’s goals and interests.

You can create as many sites as you may wish in a cost effective   way   that consumes very little time. WordPress is a free app and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple.

The site you create on WordPress earns you   income depending on your creativity. Just like a blog, what you provide and the space you offer is what you earn from. The site you create can either be a tool to support other businesses or it can become a business on its own.

Starting a business however has never been easy.  In so far as WordPress is concerned, there are challenges such as monetizing your website. WordPress can generally be termed as a global marketplace with possibilities of making money depending with ones goals.

Some of the methods of earning on WordPress are:

Selling your WordPress skills

This is by designing WordPress sites for others or teaching them how to do so, creating tutorials in videos or articles that teach people how to go about specific tasks on WordPress sites.

Selling products on your site

 This can be through posting products and services that you can offer. One may also consider getting involved with certain business organizations and advertising their goods.  In addition, individuals   can also connect their sites with the shopping ones. The stronger your site becomes, the more you earn money in less time.

 Offering courses

 If at all you have great skills that you would like to share them, you can create online courses and tutorials then publish them on WordPress. You may later on sell these courses as downloadable or offer them through subscription to the members on your site.

 Offering membership and subscription

This is done by securing your website with passwords thus making it accessible to members only. It is one of the fastest ways to grow your website. If   it is a membership site, then the content there is only available to fully paid members. Putting your content behind a pay wall is an easy way to generate income.

Making your site a freelance platform

 This is by letting your site showcase your services and rates.  It  can be achieved by building professional profiles and offering a number of goods and services via WordPress.  Individuals can also build social networks and forums on their sites.

Hosting other people’s content

Creating space for others to post their content and charge users.  This is through membership fees where they can now join and comment. One can also host sponsors such as Google ads to boost his or her income.

These among others are the various ways one can make money through WordPress.  It is also popular for it allows its users to create the sites they desire and to have a million themes and plugins that will help them get started.


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