Hon. Nicholas Salat, Chairman, Posta Kenya Board of Directors.

Posta Kenya has formulated and adopted a new corporate strategic plan which will be the corporation’s road map for the period 2019/2022. The strategic plan which is the sixth comes at a critical time when the postal industry is going through changes as a result of rapid technological advances, innovations and steady growth in e-Commerce.

It provides a clear blueprint of initiatives and projects that will enable the Corporation be an innovative, trusted logistics and payment service provider. In addition, it has four thematic areas: human capital development, customer service excellence, internal business processes and revenue growth.

Driving vision

Human capital development will strengthen productivity, competence development performance management culture and the right organizational structure that will be critical in driving the vision of the Corporation. Customer service excellence on the other hand will focus mainly on customer retention, growth satisfaction and customer relationship management. By the same token, internal business processes are set to strengthen operational efficiency to ensure service delivery, systems uptime, information, communications, and technology integration, delivery standards and also risk management. The fourth and last thematic strategy will be on revenue growth which is the cornerstone of success for the corporation. It will focus more on growing revenue while at the same time managing costs in order to achieve positive results. The annual revenue is projected to average annual growth of 3% and cumulatively realize a 10% growth at the end of the plan period.


The strategic plan comes at a time when Posta Kenya is undergoing a tremendous transformation in order to remain relevant in the postal and courier market characterized by the rising number of techno-savvy consumers. Through the plan, Posta Kenya endeavours to remain efficient and competitive by providing end to end, Innovative, Reliable, Mail, Courier, Logistics, e-Commerce and Payment Services for its customers.

The blueprint which was effected from 1st July 2019 is expected to take the Corporation to the next level going forward until 20th June 2022. It was arrived at as a result of extensive consultation and collaboration from all stakeholders. Implementation will therefore require strong and unwavering support from the Board of Directors, Management, Staff, Customers and all relevant stakeholders throughout the three year period.



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