The Information Secretary, Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, Ms. Judy Munyinyi presents a student with a framed stamp depicting the Big Four Agenda. Looking on is the Chairman of the PCK Board of Directors Hon. Nicholas Salat (extreme right), the Postmaster General, Mr. Dan Kagwe (2nd right) and the General Manager, Mails Services, Ms. Milka Mugwe.

Posta Kenya remains the most accessible, effective and time tested communication platform in the country with vast network and valid product portfolio that greatly benefits the country. Recently, the organization launched the Big Four Agenda commemorative stamps, with the images of the four pillars of the Government’s Development Programme, launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in December 2017.

Stamps are classified into two segments namely: definitive and commemorative. Definitive stamps are issued essentially for postage services while commemorative ones are issued to mark special events or occasions of National or International importance. The Big Four Agenda stamps which were unveiled are in the commemorative category.

Speaking during the launch, Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru said the stamps depict Kenya’s roadmap to prosperity and industrial development. “I take this opportunity to congratulate our host Postal Corporation of Kenya for honouring the Government’s Development Programme by launching this new set of stamps. The images on the stamps will effectively communicate the Government’s agenda and create awareness among citizens, thereby marshaling the much needed support for the implementation of the plan,” he explained.


The CS added that he is working closely with all the stakeholders in the National Government to ensure that Posta Kenya is considered as the National Payment Gateway for all public services going forward. “This will go a long way towards making Kenya a cashless economy, which is one of the most critical agenda of the government today,” said CS Mucheru.

On his part, Posta Kenya Chairman Hon. Nicholas Salat said the corporation will continue supporting the Government in offering quality services.

“I wish to appreciate all the stakeholders who have worked hard to ensure this launch takes place. I want to convey my commitment and that of the Corporation in ensuring that we play our role in supporting the Government to achieve the four pillars in its development agenda,” Salat said.

At the same time, the Postmaster General Mr Dan Kagwe said, the postage stamp carries particular significance because it is the tool that justifies a prepayment for mail postage. “It is a means of expressing our culture and history, a national ambassador for the country’s attractions and an educational tool for our beloved Kenyans and global citizens,” said Mr. Kagwe.


Over the years, Posta Kenya has partnered with several organizations and institutions to produce stamps depicting their various developments most recently being the Northern White Rhino and Nelson Mandela commemorative stamps which were launched in May and October 2018.

The first postage stamps of independent Kenya were issued on 12thDecember 1963, to mark the first Uhuru celebrations. Before gaining independence, Kenya used the postage stamps of British East Africa Company, from 1890 to 1895, and later, 1895 to 1963, the British East Africa Protectorate.

President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the development agenda on December 2017, with the key objective of transforming standards of living among citizens and place the country on the path of becoming an upper middle income nation by 2030. The program aims at spurring social economic development that will grow employment and create wealth.

Postal services in Kenya have been in existence for over 125years since the days of Imperial British East Africa. The Postal Corporation of Kenya was established by an Act of Parliament (PCK Act, 1998) and operates as a commercial public enterprise.

Their mandate as a Corporation includes provision of accessible, affordable and reliable Postal Services to all parts of Kenya as the Public Postal Licensee.

The corporation has since expanded their mail services from traditional domestic, international and registered mail to franked, bulk, private letterboxes, direct mail marketing and business reply services. Besides, the corporation has also ventured into cargo, courier, parcel, payment and travel services. In payment services for instance, it has introduced Posta Pay and Posta Pesa besides the conventional Money Order.



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