John Gachora, Group managing director NCBA at NCBAs EV charging station at NCBA house during the Change the story initiative launch.

As effects of climate change become severe, NCBA continues to commit to environmental conservation. Consequently, the bank has set aside 5th June, 2024 as NCBA World environment day. Through its initiative dubbed “change the story” campaign, the bank aims at increasing Kenya’s forest cover.

NCBA’s bold plan is to plant ten million trees by 2030. This initiative underscores the bank’s commitment to environmental conservation, recognizing its crucial role in the economy as well as the livelihoods of Kenyans.

Tree planting programme

Guided by their five sustainability pillars, NCBA not only aims at increasing forest cover but also facilitate transition to low carbon operating models. The first pillar is to minimize the banks direct impact on climate and amplify tree planting programme. To this end, NCBA has planted over seven million trees together with different stakeholders. NCBA as a stand alone has planted over three hundred and fifty thousand trees.

The bank seeks to eliminate single use plastic and recycle 100% of its waste as well as green its supply chain and transform all its corporate gifting to be sustainable. Subsequently, the bank recycles over 34% of waste. Similarly the bank has markedly reduced plastic usage in gifting by 76.3%.

Transition to low carbon

The second pillar is to ignite and initiate customers to low carbon operating model. To achieve this, NCBA has committed to mobilize Kshs. 30 billion of green and sustainable financing to accelerate the transition to clean energy by deployment of EV charging stations across the region.

Currently, a Kshs. 2 billion EV fund and Kshs. 500 million for solar financing has been set aside to hasten transition to electrical mobility. Furthermore, four charging stations have been installed – three in Nairobi and one in Kigali.

Mitigation of climate related risks

Mitigation of impact of climate related risks to NCBA’s long-term performance is the third pillar. Here the bank will complete a group-wide carbon audit and set a less than 50% reduction target in direct emissions (Scope I & II) by 2030.

Additionally, NCBA will embed thorough assessments of climate-related risks in its lending, investment and financing activities while aligning with the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Community engagement

To enhance the impact of its community engagement model, NCBA seeks to train and ignite over its 3000 staff to make a difference through the “I Change the Story” programme. Moreover, the bank will deploy Kshs. 100 million annually to support the communities in which it operates and champion inclusive communities through regional sport development.

NCBA has so far offered over one hundred scholarships and created ten courses on NCBA academy to enhance community engagement.

Community engagement

NCBA’s fifth pillar is hinged on optimizing corporate governance. To realize this, at least 30% of its general services procurement will go towards women and youth. Already 8.9% of general services procurement has been spent on women. With a female to male employee ratio of 51:49 NCBA aims to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels. Over 3,000 women and youths have been mentored.

2023 Tree Planting Efforts

Tessie Musalia and the Ushirika Wema Foundation were key figures in NCBA’s World Environment Day activities in Bungoma County in 2023 where over 20,000 trees were donated and planted across various institutions.

Notably, 4,000 trees were planted at Kibabii University with the attendance of H.E. Tessie Musalia and Bungoma Governor H.E. Kenneth Lusaka. The initiative which was part of NCBA’s “Change the Story” campaign focuses on environmental conservation and counteracting deforestation.

Tessie Musalia emphasized the importance of community involvement and behavior change to raise environmental awareness, aligning with the broader goal of enhancing sustainability and beating plastic pollution.



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