Various sources have reported that Donald Trump once used a password “yourefired”. It was his famous catch phrase from the television show:  “The Apprentice”. Three Dutch hackers managed to break into his Twitter account just three days before the elections, on 27 October 2016, and revealed his password.

 The idea to use your famous catch phrase is as irresponsible as using the most common password “12345”.  Sadly, Donald Trump is not alone. According to NordPass research, one hundred and forty seven  people use the same password as the President of the United States.

Interestingly, one thousand, two hundred and eighty three people use a  password that is not much safer — “donaldtrump”. While this password would take a month to crack, it’s already been exposed three hundred and eighteen times.

“While “yourefired” is certainly very easy to remember for both Donald Trump and “The Apprentice” fans, it’s not a good idea to use such a simple password that identifies you so easily. In addition to that, the password “yourefired” would only take a day to crack. This password also has been exposed fifty one times already,” says Chad Hammond, security expert at NordPass.

To keep your accounts secure, here are five tips on how to maintain good password hygiene: To start with, go over all the accounts you have and delete the ones you no longer use. If a small, obscure website ends up breached, you might never even hear about it. You can use an online checker to see if your email was ever in a breach.

Secondly, update all your passwords and use unique, complicated ones to safeguard your accounts. Employ a password generator to make sure they are impossible to guess. To see if any of your current passwords were ever exposed online, head over to our password strength checker.

 Thirdly, use 2FA if you can. Whether it is an app, biometric data, or hardware security key, your accounts will be much safer when you add that extra layer of protection.

 Moreover, set up a password manager. It is a perfect tool for both generating and storing passwords. With a trustworthy manager like NordPass, you will only need to remember one master password and forget about the rest.

Lastly, make sure to check all your accounts for suspicious activities regularly. If you notice something unusual, change your password immediately.

For this research, NordPass has partnered up with a white-hat hacker, who requested to stay anonymous.



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