Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is finally here and with it comes an opportunity to create beautiful memories. It’s a day that most lovers share unforgettable memories. However, there are mixed reactions about the relevance of the day as some see it as another way of businesses making more money.

Ms Shruti Pabari, Marketing Manager. Gift Expressions Limited.

Ms. Shruti Pabari who is the marketing manager at Gift Expressions located along Westlands Road says that business has not been as good compared to last year.  “Last year at a time like this, we were very busy and we couldn’t even get time to have such an interview. But this year things are different. Traffic has been very slow since morning. But we are hoping it will increase as the day progresses.” According to Ms. Pabari, most couples still celebrate Valentine’s Day but prefer to buy gift packages and have them delivered as the day falls on a weekday. At Gift Expressions, there are gifts ranging from a Valentine’s mug that costs around Kshs 400 to a gift pack that costs up to Kshs 15,000.  “We have something for everyone here depending on their budget. We have clients who are spending as much as Kshs 15,000. So it really depends with one’s budget but you can rest assured that we will work out something around your budget.”  The most outstanding thing about Gift Expressions shop is that they have been in that trade for quite some time and so you can be assured to get value for your money.

Some of the gift packages for sale at Gift Expressions Ltd in Westlands.

It’s also a good day for florists especially because Valentine’s Day is associated with roses. As for Mr. Mbugua Kihara who sells flowers at Woodvale close along Westlands, Valentine’s Day is like Christmas to them as it’s when they make a kill. For instance, on a normal day, a rose stem goes for Kshs 20 but today, the price has been hiked ten times to sell at Kshs 100.  “The reason why we have hiked the prices is because it’s a special day for lovers and most people who have never even bought a flower will buy one to please their loved ones, so we have to take advantage of that,” says Mr. Kihara as he smiles. A banquet is selling at Kshs 700 while a basket is Kshs 3,000. A few people that we talked to say they have plans of celebrating the day in the evening. For others, it is just a normal day.

Mr. Mbugua Kihara, A Florist in Westlands prepares a Banquet for a client.

Bottom-line is whether you buy a gift for your loved one, a rose, take them for dinner or an outing, or even decide to visit children’s home, remember that the genesis of the day’s theme is all about love. Spread the love this Valentine’s Day.  Happy Valentine’s Day from the Biashara Leo Digital  Team!



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