Yesterday I decided to leave the office a bit late which is nothing surprising because l usually leave late anyway. I reluctantly walked towards the bus station tired and hungry at the same time. The usual norm is that we have to queue as we wait for the bus to arrive (nobody likes this at all but hey we got to do it.)

On this particular day there were few people and hence no queue. I happily manage to secure my favourite seat on the bus near the window as I wait for the bus to get full.

Within no time, the bus was full and off we went. One thing was disturbing me though, my seatmate was this plus size woman, smartly dressed and looked a bit serious so to say. She covered her seat space and intruded into mine unknowingly because of her size. I was squeezed at the corner and I was torn between complaining or just understanding that it is not her fault that she is that way. I made up my mind and decided to understand her situation.

After covering a few kilometers, my seatmate decided to switch on her phone radio and put up some vernacular songs which I apparently did not understand. Adding salt to injury, she was singing along gathering much attention already from the rest of the passengers. Honestly at this point I was more than pissed off and wished I could get home already and avoid all that.

I am one person who is used to sleeping on the bus until I reach my destination-surprisingly enough, I always wake up just before the bus arrives at my destination. I don’t even know how that is possible given that the sleep in the bus is always very deep and sweet dreams always are accompanied.

On this particular day, I did not sleep! My seatmate did not allow me do that at any point with her singing. I think she thought she was nowhere to being a nuisance. There is nothing much you can do at a public vehicle other than to put up with the mysterious behavior of passengers, however, some are totally out of order or what some would refer to as off the record:

1. One should always sit properly and consider their seatmate too. This is not your private home where you can change positions and sitting styles as you may please.

2. I would not want to stop you from having conversations with your friends on the bus, so I also will not  try to stop you from talking on the phone. However, in both these cases please stay aware that there are others around you who probably do not  want to hear all about your weekend crazy plans, your roommate drama or your baby daddy drama.

3. Have your fare ready before you board public transportation. No one wants to wait for you to dig through your pockets or handbag for the correct change. If you can’t find it quickly, let others board first. Next time you will be more prepared.

Also, pay your bus fare as required. DON’T start negotiating bus fare while you are already in the bus. Remember that that conductor picking money is also working and there are heads depending on him or her at the end of the day.

4. If you MUST sleep then please do not snore and rudely lean on your seatmate’s shoulder. They already have enough baggage to carry so why should they carry you too?

5. Observe cleanliness while in a public vehicle. Some of us are fond of eating in the vehicle and littering all over, something that isn’t right. Wait until you see a litter bin then dispose off your waste.

6. Do your best to make sure others do not have to deal with smells coming from you. Most public transportation has a policy of no smoking. Adhere to that.Wear deodorant please.

7. While answering a call, DO NOT shout so that everyone knows what or who you are talking to. Keep your voice low and you will still be communicating.

And of course, if you’re listening to music, use headphones.Not every one will like your genre.




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