Today is Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I think this day is over hyped here in Kenya. But what to do? So also today is the Men’s Conference …probably they are talking about ladies.  What else would they be talking about on this particular date any way?

We expect them to discuss about Kula fare most definitely!  But that is beside the point. Today I’m going to talk about things that should not be done on Valentine Day since everyone knows what to do but nobody talks about what not to do

Complain that you are single

You, my friend, need to take a breath. There is absolutely no point in going around grumbling about the fact that you, like countless others, are single. Yes, it sucks to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but when you really break it down, you aren’t that alone. First of all, you’re joined by the millions who don’t have a special someone with whom to share this holiday. Second, at least you’ve got yourself. There are so many positives of being alone, including reading alone and maybe drinking a whole bottle of wine at the comfort of your couch.

 Brag about how you’re in a satisfying relationship

Most people who have two eyes and a working conscience can see from your incessant social media activity that you are in a loving, serious, committed relationship. Now, that is just great for you, but we don’t need you to constantly remind us of your eternal happiness on the one day of the year when being single feels a lot like rubbing salt in the wound.

 Go on a blind date

As if Valentine’s Day isn’t already tainted by foul memories, you don’t need to go on an inevitably blind date on Valentine’s Day. Let’s be real for a second: blind dates end in disaster or disappointment almost ninety-nine percent of the time. You get dressed up in some new top that you probably bought in the hope of making yourself feel better with a little retail therapy, teeter in life-threatening high heels, and go to dinner at a restaurant where the food isn’t that good, because your date didn’t want to spend too much money on you, as he is unsure of how hot you are. You’re better off spending the night cooking macaroni and cheese for yourself than going on a blind date.

 Drink (heavily)

We all know that you can’t count on both hands the number of questionable decisions you’ve made after one too many pulls of cheap vodka. On a day like Valentine’s Day, there is no need to compromise your situation any more. Don’t drink to forget your misery, whether you’re perpetually single or dating a frat boy.

There’s also a great piece of advice I consider useful. Do NOT confess your love to someone you like if you don’t want to lose him/her or you are unsure of their answer.
Many might think that Valentine’s Day is meant for people to do this. However, the ugly truth is that many girls and boys are just scared of confessing their love openly and fast.
Instead, you can just bond with a person you like without rushing and then, call her on a date a day or two after. Remember, there is no need of jumping from a frying pan into fire. You will just be hurt. So, yeah. I think that’s it.



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