Wishing you many more years of unparalleled success


By CS, Dr. Kellen Kiambati, CHRC, CHRP, CHRA, CCME, CPA, MCE, PDC

I was in my study room when a received a phone call from the Managing Director, Biashara Leo indicating that they were set to celebrate 15 years of incredible service.  I wondered how fast time had moved while at the same time thinking about where it all started.  When I was first invited to their office, it was a small tiny room shared by all employees then, however all of them were full of hope fashioned inform of a dream.   They had little in possession in terms of furniture and everything that gives an office high level ambience.  However, everybody was selfless in how they did their work and shared the little they had.  Despite the one squeezed room, what amazed me was their ability to open meetings with rituals tied to the values they had identified in such a standardized way.  The fact that they all woke up to go to work and be in each other’s presence was tangible.

Fifteen years later, Biashara Leo has become a household name.  Gradually, they have risen from a few counted copies for distribution to a major supplier in their target markets.  Jogging my memory, I realized that it took a number of things to get to where they are: First they patiently established a strong foundation.   Foundations do not take one day, it is a process that starts with a clear mission and vision.  Time was devoted to determine their cornerstones.  If cornerstones are not well prepared, then someone will fill in the gap and then one day it will be clear a stranger walked in and messed up.  Second, they put a framework in place to check disengaged employees and took the corrective action.  Finally, they rolled out a performance oriented culture with everybody’s buy in and made it innate part of Biashara Leo.

This series, I write to congratulate Biashara Leo.  This important milestone is a sign of your maturity and quality. You have become a symbol of resilience and excellence.  Many thanks to the Founder, GG as we fondly call him, for giving us a “home” to publish. The first few issues may have seemed as if they were small contributions at the time. However, after fifteen years, I look back and see the substantial path that has been laid. Without Biashara Leo, many would have missed on opportunities to make editorial contributions. 

I have had the privilege to serve as one of your editorial contributors since inception.  Working with you has been an honor. May the journey of success continue even in the coming years. In the future, I would like to see you develop into a listed company and I am confident that my wish will be fulfilled.

 Wishing you and your team a happy anniversary.  Your future looks bright!



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