Why you Should Make Solo Dates A Thing



I began warming up to the idea of solo dating late last year. In 2019, I resorted to be more intentional about solo dates; incorporating different activities. So far, I’ve gone on three solo dates; to the     cinema, swimming and coffee shop dates. There’s an energy that comes with owning your space; none of those negative thoughts (or eyes from people) will intimidate you.

So I will share few reasons why I think solo dates are important for you…

First of all, it will boost your self love. Solo dates make you feel so good about yourself, just by recognizing how much wisdom and potential lies within you. Apart from having fun, it’s a time to reflect about yourself and you realize so much. This helps even boost your self esteem and confidence because negative comments will not sway you. These comments don’t have to be from actual people; ever find yourself thinking “maybe you’re not good enough” and thoughts along that line? Those as well. When you love yourself, you know that you’re enough and that’s that! It’s not subject to debate.

Secondly, solo dates help you establish a connection with yourself. This one is very vital. Each one of us was placed here (on earth) to fulfill a certain purpose in our life. The only way the surety of that purpose is assured is when you connect with yourself. Ask yourself hard-hitting questions; and answer them very faithfully. I’m a huge advocate for writing things such as this down, but some prefer to type, others just have it somewhere in their heads. Whichever floats your ship, just make sure these answers are well laid out for you. Sequentially, this helps you achieve you vision.

Thirdly, solo dates are an opportunity for you to try out new activities. I know you have a ‘tribe’ or ‘squad’, basically a group of friends with whom you do stuff together. However, it may not always happen; we have different schedules, different budgets, etc…So if there’s something you always want to do, a solo try at it would be a good opportunity for you. Well except things like bowling or playing games? There are tons of activities which you can do alone and have a good time.

Fourth, you become a better person. In whatever dimension; a friend, co-worker, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, daughter, son, parent, literally anything. When you invest in yourself, you’re able to transfer good vibes and intentions to people around you. Sometimes we become so drained that we have no room to accommodate anyone. A simple thing as someone blinking could be irritating, sigh! I came across quote from Jay Shetty and it made a lot of sense, “It’s important to fill our own batteries if we want to charge others.”

I would say make new friends, but I am very socially awkward, I really don’t have that art.

But lastly, solo dating is a good challenge. You have nothing to loose so why don’t you give it a try? It is likely that after your first date, you will have an experience that you would want repeated and alas, solo dates will be a thing!

Do what you love, even if you do it alone



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