Why Reputation Is A Big Deal In 2019



If you are here, you probably know exactly why reputation is such a big deal in 2019.

A good business reputation is essential because it is not just one aspect of your business. It is made up of all of the aspects of your business. It doesn’t affect one area of your business, it pervades and influences all aspects of your business. Your business reputation is an interconnected system that fuels itself. As a result, a good reputation is a must for businesses that want to continue to grow.

A Good Business Reputation Facilitates Engagement

Your business reputation helps people to determine how to engage with your business, but a good business reputation determines whether people engage with it in the first place. If you have a bad reputation—even if that bad reputation is skewed or misconstrued—you are at an automatic disadvantage with all of your marketing campaigns. It is going to take more effort to get people to trust you, let alone even warm up to you.

A Good Business Reputation Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Having an online presence and good products and services is great for getting customers. However, what about getting customers to choose you over your competitors? A good business reputation is important because it can help distinguish you from competitors, and even be the deciding factor in whether someone chooses you over them.

When a company has positive reputation, it becomes easier for the marketing team to convince clients to purchase their products other than that of the competitors. Many companies have embraced public relations compared to some years ago where companies did not see the value of PR.

 Good Reputation Mitigates the Impact of Bad Reviews

Unfortunately, people are typically quicker to share negative experiences than positive ones. Even worse, one negative review can hold as much weight as ten positive ones. Online reviews are powerful, and negative reviews can cause serious damage, but a good business reputation can help mitigate that damage. When your business does encounter difficult customers or unlucky experiences, the negative reviews that result will have less clout. Far fewer people will adopt or be influenced by that unhappy customer’s opinion if they already have a good opinion of you to start with.

Reputation Is More Than Just Among Your Target Audience

Your business reputation impacts all of your relationships—not just those with your customers, niche markets, or target audience. Your reputation also applies to the people who work for you, invest in you, welcome you into their community, partner with, and provide services for you. A good business reputation is important because it will facilitate growth in your most valuable relationships and will have a ripple effect throughout your entire network.




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