Terror What? It Is Business As Usual In Nairobi


Kenya is renowned globally as  a peaceful country with a rich and diverse cultural  heritage as well as beautiful and wonderful geographical features. The country therefore attracts thousands of tourists from every corner of the world annually and hence generating handsome foreign exchange. In that breath, Kenya has invested heavily on enhancing her security especially in the wake of a few attacks by terrorists.

It is important to note that in this day and time, terrorism has become a threat to the harmonious co-existence between nations (and  their  respective citizens) on a global scale. This retrogressive trend is not isolated to our beloved country – Kenya.

Consequently, it is with this lens that we should view the few heinous crimes that have been perpetrated in the country by some blood thirsty terrorists. The most recent of these acts of cowardice is the attack on 14 Riverside (a busy business block) housing among others:an advertising and public relations firm, a five star hotel (Dustitd2), offices of international firms with a local presence as well as the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA).

Indeed, those  wishing  to visit  Kenya have been reassured  that the country is safe and peaceful  as it has always been by Mr. Mohammed  Hersi, the  chairman of  the  Kenya Tourism Federation.This narrative of hope should not be distorted by a few naysayers in the wake of the silenced terrorists. “From the Kenya Tourism Federation, we can confirm that the situation in Nairobi is calm and security is stable,” Hersi has said in a press statement, adding that both local and international means of transport have not been in any way disrupted by the unfortunate development.






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