We Are At War with Racism, Terrorism….But Most Of All With Ourselves.


The 21st century has ushered in a new world of good, bad and outright evil. There exists very few things that are considered “conservative” with a lot more being accepted. The war on major issues like racism, terrorism and corruption is still on full throttle but ‘charity begins at home’ was said for a reason.

Many people in my view are at war with themselves. The youth of 2015 cannot be compared to our fathers and mothers at their prime in 1970’s. They were forced by circumstances and society to mature early and take up deeper roles as individuals.

The youth nowadays have a lot of talent and opportunities but the war within deprives them of the clear cut sight to see them. There is the dependency syndrome that one cannot take a step forward without leaning on a parent or a guardian. Even worse is the forever young and YOLO (You only live once) mantra that has choked ambition out of people.

There is war with esteem issues. People have to spend hours of valuable time preparing themselves here, adjusting their features in order to keep up with their peers and fashionable trends. What happened to taking a leap of faith to succeed?

I too for a long time have been a victim of this and I know it is easier to flip the reality switch than sit down, take a piece of paper and write a plan for the next day. However, all it takes is to summon your inner voice of reason and take charge.next day.

Speaking of taking charge, I am referring to taking charge of the person you see in the mirror when you look at it. President Obama can come to your doorstep and deliver a vintage motivational speech like only he can but unfortunately the only person who can effect these changes in your life is YOU.

Take a moment, breathe,think…..Plan!



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