WCW Office Hairstyle


Ladies love their hair and they can spend a fortune in making it beautiful. For those working in offices and they are in love with long hair styles, below are some perfect bets

The Look: Sophisticated side braid
Works best for:Long hair, any texture

Step 1: Haphazardly create a side part in dry hair using a wide tooth comb.
Step 2: With your hands, pull hair around to side opposite your part.
Step 3: Section hair into three parts and braid them, securing at the ends with a clear elastic. For more braid inspiration, check out these celebrity braided styles or watch this easy how-to braiding video.
Step 4: Pull out a few face-framing pieces of hair to soften the look.

The Look: Slicked back half-updo
Works best for: Shoulder length or longer, thick or fine straight hair.

Step 1: First, if your hair isn’t stuck straight, run a flat iron over the ends to really flatten out. Then, apply a strong hold gel to the front and sides of dry hair, and slick all of your face framing hair back.
Step 2: Section off a horseshoe shape of hair from your temples to the back of your crown, and clip up and out of the way for now.
Step 3: Use a comb to smooth back the sides of your hair (just above your ears) and secure each side (just behind your ears) with bobby pins that match your hair colour.
Step 4: Let down the clipped section and carefully smooth back the top section of the hair with a comb, so it hides the pins. Spritz with hairspray to finish.

The Look: Side-pinned curls
Works best for: Wavy or straight, fine or thick hair

Step 1: Quickly blow dry hair with large round brush to add bounce and shine.
Step 2: Create a deep side part directly above your temples using a comb.
Step 3: Secure the front of your hair on the side opposite your part with a bobby pin that doesn’t match your hair colour — so it stands out.
Step 4: Use a large-barreled curling iron and roll just the ends of your hair around the barrel in towards your face.
Step 5: Mist hair with flexible-hold hairspray like Pantene Pro-V Classic Touchable Hairspray Flexible Hold.

 The Look: Pinned up ends with a headband
Works best for: Wavy or straight, shoulder length hair

Step 1: Create a side part in dry hair and loosely bobby pin (so hair drapes above one eye) two inches of the side opposite your part behind your ear.
Step 2: Choose a work-appropriate headband and slide it onto the top of your head, covering the pin.
Step 3: Bobby pin the ends of your hair under, to the hair at the nape of your neck (faux bob style) or swoop into a loose bun.

The look: Side-swept pony
Works best for: Shoulder length, thick, straight hair

Step 1: Start by applying a light weight shine serum to dry hair like Clio Shine.
Step 2: On the crown of your head, section out a circle of hair about 4 inches in diameter and lightly back comb the underside with your brush. Two or three strokes down the shaft of your hair should give you all the lift you need.
Step 3: Create a side part and leave about two inches of face-framing hair hanging on that side out as you loosely brush hair back into a neat, mid-height pony.
Step 4: Secure pony with a thick elastic that matches your hair colour and won’t slip out.
Step 5: Secure some of the hanging front section of the hair behind you ear with a bobby pin… you want a few wisps to remain hanging.

I hope you can try one of these fine hairstyles as you rock the office



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