To Love And To Be Loved Is To Feel The Sun From Both Sides


“A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.” This is a quote that I saw somewhere in my weird research and it evoked something deep in me. Love as they say, makes the world go round.

To experience love is the single most enthralling feeling in the world. Love is not only about something you feel alone but also something you do. How do you act on it? Are you just a passive lover who expects things to be done for you or do you take initiative too?

What I do know is that there is someone for everyone. Even the most spontaneous moments or conversations can lead to an electrifying romance that only the two of you understand. A former wing woman of mine once told me that it is important to keep things private the moment things get serious.

The more people you let in your relationship circle, the higher the chances of toxic poison slithering into what you’ve built. Let us be honest, not everyone gets to experience the kind of love that takes your breath away. So it is easier to listen to advice from peers and friends who may say, “Oh! he is not good enough. He doesn’t deserve you. You can do better. She’s too beautiful to be loyal.”

To my understanding, all that is toxic crap that has no place when you are trying to build a solid rapport. How will you fill up the wine glass if you don’t pour the wine halfway? Take charge and forge your own luck. Cassie once said, it’s between me and you.

More importantly, live life, love the girl (guy) and be happy because we only have one shot at life. Your takeaway today is that you should not be a ‘super-glued’ receiver in relationships. They are built on a two way street and each vehicle has to move towards a similar destination.



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