There Are No Rules In Dating.



There are no rules in dating.
It is high time that women should disregard all the old do’s and don’ts. More often than not, women find themselves on the receiving end of some unsolicited dating advice from friends and colleagues who see themselves as experts on matters of the heart.

What most people need to know is that every relationship is different just like every person is different. What works for your friends and colleagues might not necessary work for you.

According to my perspective, the only rule in dating should be that ‘there are no rules in dating’. I know that this is bizarre but I believe times have changed.

The only rule in dating should be that there are no rules in dating.The following rules should no longer apply:

1. Waiting for the man to ask you out.

So many women are hesitant to ask guys out on dates. Most can not even give a hint that they are interested in these men. The worst thing that can happen if you ask a man out is that he might decline. Sure, rejection is scary, but if men can risk it, so can we. Women need to stop the mentality that it is the man who should always make the first move. If you like a guy, ask him out and let’s see what comes out of it.

2. The guy should be first to confess love.

All magazine quizzes and relationship self-help books pretty much say that a woman should never say the ‘ L’ word first. I see nothing wrong in letting your feelings be known to him.There is no law that prohibits a woman from saying ‘I love you’ first. Whether you are a woman or a man, say it when you damn well feel like it.

3. A woman should play hard to get.
As a woman, you are told time and again that you shouldn’t show too much interest in a man because it sends the message that you are easy and are in high demand. Showing that you are interested in a man is often misconstrued as desperation. Making him ‘work for it’ could actually backfire. If you show a man some interest, he will be more interested in you, just so you know. Nowadays, real men don’t have time to play games. It is a straight up deal, you are either with him or you are not.





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