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Mr. Moses Marji, the Marketing General Manager LG Electronics

Meet artificial intelligence with LG signature products designed with their true essence in mind

By Catherine Kuria

With the fast growth of technology, it has become feasible for individuals   from different corners of the world to communicate in just a fraction of a second. Sir J. J. Thomson in 1897 coined the word electron (from which the word electronic is derived). Clearly, the world did not know about the basic principles related to electronics before then. But once this was unveiled, there has been no looking back.

In the 20th century, technological components were mainly taken care of by concepts of vacuum tubes like diodes, triodes, tetrodes and pentodes. These components were not only bulky, but also very slow in operation. A group of scientists comprising Shockley, Bardeen and Walter conceptualized the prototype of a component called ‘transistor’ in 1947. This single electronic component revolutionized the whole electronic industry.

There have been many developments of internet in Kenya and the major push comes from mobile money transfer users.  Internet is fast penetrating in the country. Mr. Moses Marji, the Marketing General Manager LG Electronics says:  “Some kind of activity needs to be done for television like for example Google assistant which can be used to search –   there are a  number of people who are using or who will be able to use our television intelligence, but they have not yet  materialized  to commercial level.” LG’s television intelligence is about legalizing the natural voice or sound in any language. The television comes in two types:  Preset and the Alpha IX. The artificial intelligence televisions are available in 14 countries worldwide but there are plans of further expansion.   

LG products in the Kenyan market

LG recently  launched a smart refrigerator called Insta View.  It’s a dolly door refrigerator with a very big capacity. The door is transparent so you can see the inside and can diagnose on your phone through an application. “The type we are bringing is the transparent one that you knock twice to see through instead of opening the refrigerator so many times,” says Mr. Marji. The refrigerator also has an inbuilt compressor and works based on the temperatures inside it.

They also have a new microwave we call Neo Chef which has a compressor and saves energy but it has equal and faster cooking. The product has been positively welcomed in the market and customers love it. LG has also launched a new washing machine called the Twin Wash. The machine doubles up as two in one where you can always do two laundries at the same time, one laundry at the top and the other at the bottom.  Louder, is their new audio system that allows you to record and play your own mixes at home without having an actual deejay around. The Louder audio system ranges from Kshs.27, 000 to Kshs. 50,000.

 They also have the organic LED TVs. In respect to the organic TV, the technology of the screen is made of many pixels where every pixel can turn off light pixel by pixel.  The organic LED TV technology holds the first place in the whole world. In terms of technology, LG is ahead in the market worldwide.

 LG has invested in research and development. This is aimed at making it the best innovative company in the world. By so doing, the company has been able to listen to the customers and convert their request. They are keen on responding to the needs of the customers but at the same time help in easing the burden on the consumers’ life style. “Looking at our statistics, our market share is very large in all categories and we are the market leaders in technology,” says Mr. Marji.

Reaching the customer

LG reaches its customers through its distributors and retailers in various parts of the country.  It   also uses its online platform to keep customers posted on the latest products in the market.  It   provides free deliveries of its products to customers around the world with convenience. Customers can make purchases on its online platform using their mobile phones then await delivery at home. As a leading company in technology, LG is endeavours to change its customers’ lifestyle by offering cutting edge products.

Customer experience                                                                      “ According  to our  founder’s  policy,  if  just one product  out of  a  hundred in a  given unit is defective, the rest are also rendered defective,” says Mr. Marji.  “We do not compromise on the quality and durability of our products,” he adds.  LG banks on quality and technologically advanced electronics which meet very high standards.

Once manufactured in such high standards, the products are shipped in a proper way, ensuring that they are not damaged.  Staff members take the customers through the basics of the products including:  how the equipment is plugged in, switched on and off and the precautions to take when handling the same.  The company   offers a two year warranty on its products as well as after sales service.

LG is a responsible corporate citizen.  Some of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) pillars are health, environmental conservation and sports.   Based on its brand identity strategy (enriching Lives through technology), the company   strives   to fulfill its promise to customers.  “We endeavour to   provide our customers with something new, beautiful and convenient,” says Mr. Marji.  “ We would  like our  brand  to  be  perceived  as progressive, refined and engaging ,  providing the best solutions  to customers,” he ends.



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