In her empowering new book, Own Your Opportunities, leadership consultant Juliet Hall helps readers recognize when they’ve outgrown a workplace situation by asking two simple questions: What is your dream job? Do your dreams fit within your job?   “Everyone has a need to self-actualize; everyone has a need for purpose,” Hall said in a recent interview. “I wanted to write a book that was very transparent — that would provide a blueprint to help people realize what is  possible … when you bet on yourself.”

After years of working in a corporate system that was neither created by her nor for her, Hall steeled herself for her final exit from a company that didn’t value her gifts and contributions. The walls of the glassy corporate tower seemed to be closing in, but in one remarkable moment of clarity, a window opened in her soul, and she saw a path to freedom.


In Own Your Opportunities, Hall shares her true story as an example for others (particularly women) who feel disillusioned and overwhelmed in corporate America. She recounts her job experiences spanning  twenty  years — building a narrative to show how she evolved, discovered her gifts and succeeded in a career amid a backdrop of corporate trauma before making the pivot to realize her dream.”When I speak to people about making their own pivots, I don’t believe in just jumping. I don’t believe in quitting on the spot without a plan,” Hall cautioned, adding that the process of preparation includes having a plan for finances and for maintaining relationship networks. “I don’t believe that you should leave alone. Especially if you are pivoting to self-employment or starting a business.”

In her book, readers will learn how she:  identified her value and gifts,  refused to be put in a box and allow others to define success for her,  besides  taking   responsibility for her own growth and development.Vividly written, Own Your Opportunities is a champion for self-belief and dream fulfillment in women. Readers will benefit from Hall’s wisdom and personal experiences of how she developed her human capital, identified her value, took risks and positioned herself to achieve her dream. “I believe that living out your intended creation and becoming the best version of your human existence is the gift that we not only give to the world, but in my opinion, living in that excellence of being who you are is ultimately how we glorify our creator,” Hall added.

About the author

Juliet Hall is the principal of Juliet Hall INC, a boutique leadership consulting agency based in Atlanta. Recognized by several organizations in Atlanta as a “Top Black Woman of Influence,” Hall serves as an advisor and coach to C-suite and deputy leaders and speaks on national stages on the topics of servant/inclusive leadership and self-maximization. After  twenty  years of leadership in the corporate system, Hall faced her own words: “You can courageously build your own kingdom or be an unfulfilled labourer in someone else’s.” She is passionate about helping leaders, especially women, who are at a professional crossroads to pursue their own self-discovery, develop their natural talents and thrive in what they are uniquely created to do. Hall has presented her work to executives across different industries, including government, education, healthcare, ministry and nonprofit. A graduate of Spelman College and the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, she has traveled to over twenty  countries and enjoys cardio boxing and playing tennis.



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