Instagram is gaining popularity and becoming a global favourite over other social media platforms. According to, Instagram garnered twice as many votes as TikTok, scooping 16.5% of votes.

Meta’s dedicated investment in enhancing its social media platforms appears to be yielding results, with Instagram capturing widespread public attention. In contrast, TikTok’s lower popularity compared to Instagram is primarily due to ongoing controversies surrounding its security risks and the bans imposed in various countries.

Tiktok Vs. Instagram

TikTok and Instagram resonate more with younger audiences than other platforms. However, they differ significantly in content focus, advertising models, and algorithmic designs. Instagram focuses on photo and long-form video sharing, while TikTok specializes in short-form video content. TikTok’s algorithm tailors content to users’ interests, whereas Instagram prioritizes accounts with which users interact most.

In terms of popularity, the short video platform lags behind Instagram, settling for a mere 7.4% hold. However, the platform has taken considerable steps to grow its global presence. Last year, TikTok’s global reach grew astoundingly, perching on a 26.4% growth rate. Simultaneously, Instagram achieved a staggering 25.3% increase, reaching over 334 million people.

Ad Reach: Instagram narrowly leads

Instagram and Tiktok have astoundingly increased their ad reach, with the former winning narrowly with a 5.5% lead. The short video platform has significantly increased its ad reach in Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Thailand by double-digit figures, getting closer to Instagram’s 1.65 billion reach by the start of 2024.

Its adult ad reach is growing more significantly than Instagram’s, primarily in Africa and Asia, while Instagram maintains a more prominent presence in Europe and America. TikTok has made subtle gains in Western Asia, with over twenty  per cent  higher ad reach than its rival. Africa represents an even higher percentage, about seventy  two per cent, culminating in over 144 million users.

Regarding time spent, the short video platform users seem more glued to their screens than Instagram users. A typical TikTok user clocks in for thirty four  hours a month, meaning an average of more than an hour daily. Instagram accounts for an average of  fifteen  hours and  fifty  minutes a month, less than half of TikTok’s. Despite that, Instagram takes the lead in the number of unique visitors as the Meta app attracted  sixty per cent  more unique visitors than Tiktok between September and November 2023.

Regarding time spent on the platforms, TikTok users seem more engaged, spending an average of thirty  four  hours a month, which is more than an hour daily. In comparison, Instagram users spend an average of fifteen  hours and fifty  minutes a month, less than half of TikTok’s average. Despite this, Instagram leads in unique visitors, attracting  sixty per cent   more unique visitors than TikTok between September and November 2023.

Why is Instagram more popular than Tiktok?

Instagram is a fully established visual platform that allows for photo-sharing on top of any type of video, unlike TikTok, which focuses solely on short-form videos. Besides,  Instagram has a more extensive user base and is used by a broader age range, while TikTok is more prevalent among younger audiences.

Moreover, TikTok’s pending security concerns have caused anxiety among its users, causing other platforms like Instagram to gain ground over it. TikTok is already banned on state-owned devices in half of the US states. Governments in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Commission have taken the same approach and banned it on government-owned devices.



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