Strathmore University To Host E-commerce Conference In March



World e-commerce solutions providers are expected to meet Kenyan SME entrepreneurs, businesses and corporate leaders at the e-Commerce Kenya Conference scheduled for March 5-6 at Strathmore University, Nairobi.

The conference will look into the future of e-commerce through shared knowledge, peer-to-peer conversations and engaging in networking spaces. SME entrepreneurs and businesses will evaluate new technologies.

The conference will also explore how Kenyan e‐commerce entrepreneurs and businesses can utilize and embrace progressive web applications (PWA) used because majority of shoppers use mobile phones for online purchases.

PWAs are mobile-enabled websites that function like standalone apps, as a strategy to close the browser‐to‐buyer divide and increase e‐commerce penetration.

AnneMarie Moraa, one of the organizers of the conference, said the conference content has been crafted to capture new thinking and practices in e-commerce.

‘‘PAW content that is custom made such that you have separate visuals and videos, single column layouts and prominently placed buttons as well as full‐screen onsite search with product thumbnails and prices is a game changer,’’ said Moraa.

PWA is an indispensable proposition in any successful e‐commerce venture because majority of shoppers use mobile phones for online purchases due its fast loading, works offline, seamless navigation and has push notifications. Moraa said.

“The seamless end to end user experience even with challenging networks provided by PWA improves the number of conversions,” said Moraa.

Major international brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, Tinder, Google Maps, Uber, Twitter Lite, Instagram, Pinterest, among others are PAW enabled. 



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