Simba Corporation loses BMW Car Dealership


Simba Corporation has lost its BMW car dealership to British’s Inchcape Plc. The London based multinational also recently obtained the Jaguar Land Rover franchise from RMA group. However, a formal announcement is expected to be made soon and Inchcape is set to start dealing BMW cars from next year in more than 8 markets in the region including East Africa’s giant; Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

For Inchcape, the takeover of BMW marks a rapid expansion in the local market where it bought out the JLR franchise from RMA Group back in June this year. The multinational enterprise will now have the biggest market share in the luxury car sector, ahead of competitors like DT, Dobie.

Statistics indicate that sales of BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover models stood at 74% units in the half year that ended June. Inchcape is sure to inherit a large chunk of the market share. The Kenyan vehicle market has seen automakers constantly reviewing their existing franchises. For instance DT Dobie took over the Volkswagen dealership from CMC then it lost the Nissan franchise to to Crown Motors. General Motors also terminated Isuzu East Africa’s sale of Chevrolet cars.



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