Safaricom’s New Strategy

Safaricom PLC CEO, Michael Joseph, cuts a ribbon to officially open a new shop at Sarit Centre during the Telco’s 19th anniversary celebrations.

Safaricom has marked nineteen years since it was launched by unveiling a new strategy and renewing its commitment to customers. Under the new structure, the giant company is committing to be simple, transparent and honest across all its products and operations. 

As part of its efforts to simplify its products, the company has unveiled a new data plan  and a new calling and short message service (SMS) plan that will respectively offer data bundles and calling minutes with no expiry date.

Unique opportunity

“Over the last nineteen years, we have come a long way together with our customers. As we celebrate our anniversary, it is a unique opportunity to reevaluate our operations to ensure that we remain relevant to our customers into the future. Today, we are starting afresh and going forward we aim to be even more simple, transparent and honest in everything that we do,”   said Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom.

The new plans further empower customers with the freedom to purchase both talk time and data bundles for any amount, starting as low as one Kenya shilling. Customers can see how much data, minutes and SMS they will get before completing the transaction.

Thirdly, as a permanent proposition, customers purchasing the new call and SMS plans will get  fifty  percent extra talk time with every purchase enabling them to talk more, while spending less.

Safaricom has also committed to serve its more than 33 million customers in less than five minutes both at its shops across the country and whenever they contact the call centre.  In addition, the company will reorganize these shops so that they can provide a more personalized experience to customers.

Starting next month, new customers joining the network will get SIM cards for free at Safaricom shops and dealer outlets, upon which they will top up with Kshs.  50 airtime to activate their line. Customers will also have the freedom to choose a number of their choice when they purchase a new line.


In its bid to be more transparent, Safaricom has revamped its customer service menu. In addition to the data manager where customers can stop their airtime from being used when they run out of data bundles, customers will also be able to view and stop promotional messages. They can also view how much data they have used and get their personal unlocking key (PUK)   on the new menu.

The company has also increased its data bundle sizes under the new plan by more than 45 percent especially for the more affordable price points of between  one  and twenty shillings. A customer purchasing Kshs 5 worth of bundles will now get ten megabytes with no expiry date up from the previous seven megabytes that would expire in 24 hours. Besides the measures introduced today, the company will very soon announce more changes and enhancements to more products and services.



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