Safaricom Wins Award for Enterprise IT Security Solution

Peter Ndegwa, CEO Safaricom. [PHOTO - COURTESY]

Safaricom has been feted as the best managed security services provider in East Africa by Fortinet, an American cyber security corporation. The telco emerged top in the category by achieving the fastest and most efficient evaluation, deployment and operation of the technology among small, medium and large enterprises in the market.

With the all-encompassing cyber security solution, businesses can protect their IT systems by securing their emails and websites, besides managing vulnerabilities through an intrusion detection system, network and threat management. They can also access  real time monitoring among other services.

“We are very honoured to win this award as it is a true reflection of our comprehensive understanding of the unique security needs that businesses of different sizes have especially with the recent push to digitize operations. This accolade acknowledges that we have made significant investments into reducing the complexity of safeguarding enterprises against cyber security attacks. We have done this in order to empower businesses and allow them to leverage the power of technology to take their businesses forward,” said Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom’s chief executive officer.

With the shift to remote working during the pandemic, a surge in flow of information has unlocked more avenues for cybercriminals. Further, security breaches are becoming more sophisticated and intruders have acquired advanced skills and developed radical evasion techniques to enter enterprise networks unnoticed, playing on the knowledge and access gaps that still exist among businesses seeking to tackle such challenges.

“New ways of working are emerging as businesses make the shift to remotely and we are cognizant that this has created unprecedented opportunities for cyber attackers. This award is a great motivation to us as we remain committed to providing multi-faceted security functions together with our partners to defend our enterprise customers against such attacks and meet their diverse needs,” Ndegwa further said.

Safaricom has been building capacity to broaden its IT security solutions since it launched a wide range of cyber security solutions for enterprise customers in 2019. Fortinet enables partners to deliver broad and integrated high-performance network security and networking services.



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