Safaricom Official Launch Of DIGIFARM Depot In Makueni County

Safaricom in Collaboration with Makueni County Launches DigiFarm in the County

Over 150,000 Farmers in Makueni County will now access Information on best farming practices, discounted inputs and credit services through their phones. Acquisition of farmers in Makueni began in mid-June, and so far 120,000 farmers have been educated on DigiFarm and can now access the service. This drive has so far covered Wote, Mbooni and Kibwezi East sub-counties with Kilome and Kaiti to be covered in August.

To bring the services of quality input closer to the Makueni farmer, DigiFarm will open three depots in Wote, Kalawani and Mbumbuni – the latter which shall be officially open today where farmers will access quality, discounted inputs. Makueni farmers will especially benefit from the all-round availability of inputs at the depots, especially during peak season, and access to advisory and technical information from experts stationed at each of the depots. There is a call also to Makueni residents Page 2 C3 – Safaricom Confidential In ternal C1-Public

people who may have shops or already running agrovets and would wish to partner to bring services closer to the farmer to come forth and register their interest.



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