Safaricom has launched a new Skiza advertising platform that aims at  providing   an opportunity to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to advertise their services.  The new tool is part of the company’s initiatives to support SMEs as they recover from the negative   impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Skiza Ad service is an exciting innovation that seeks to provide an excellent platform for businesses across the country by better connecting them with customers and equally taking advantage of our wide reach.  The platform will deliver to our customers even more value through free data and minutes whenever they enrol and listen to advertisements from our partners.” said Peter Ndegwa, chief executive officer, Safaricom.

“We are enthusiastic to launch the Skiza ads service in Kenya using the Adtones global media platform. This is an innovative socially responsible win-win media service in partnership with Safaricom through which Adtones aims to empower and give back to mobile users. The platform will benefit millions of Safaricom customers with rewards and useful media information” said the Adtones founders Ben Lynch and Gaspare Manos. “We are particularly proud to help thousands of entrepreneurs in Kenya who will be using this new means of interacting and communicating with their target audiences in a transparent, cost effective and rewarding manner,” they added.

As the company marks its twentieth anniversary, it is increasingly pegging its future on SMEs by providing them with tailored technology solutions to market and grow their businesses.  Subsequently, the new service will drive customers’ retention by providing a value-added service that supports them with free data and minutes especially when they are unable to purchase airtime.  The service is offered in partnership with Adtones, who will provide the ad-serving platform and on-board advertisers.



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