Safaricom Launches Android TV Box for Internet Streaming


Safaricom has launched   an Android television box as part of a strategy to bring its home fibre service to more homes. The box equips televisions with the capability to stream content from YouTube, Netflix, ShowMax, Hulu and Sling. It also enables customers to wirelessly project their smart phone and laptop screens to the television through screen casting. 

“Our home fibre service has been well received as it offers unlimited internet connectivity for the entire family in an affordable monthly package. The television remains central to home entertainment and the lack of a feature to directly stream content from the internet has previously been a challenge for potential Safaricom home fibre customers,” said Peter Ndegwa, the chief executive officer of Safaricom.   He added that the box empowers customers to connect any television to the internet, opening up a world of endless entertainment options for the family.

The box is available at Safaricom Shops and Masoko ( Safaricom’s online marketplace).    Customers can easily connect it to their televisions and home WiFi network without being assisted by a technician. Moreover, it provides viewers with super-clear video clarity.

Customers can use their voice to perform different functions on this box such as searching for shows, movies or applications. In addition, it can be configured to connect to a home fibre WiFi network. It further supports playing back of recorded movies, television shows and photos through USB flash disks and MicroSD memory cards.

Safaricom has recently seen an increase in the number of customers seeking its home fibre service. To meet this emerging demand, the company has invested in additional personnel besides expanding   its home fibre service to more areas.  The introduction of the Android television box will ease the transition of homes to online entertainment, helping them keep up with their favourite television channels.

Customers should note that You Tube, Netflix, ShowMax and Android are property of their respective owners. They may therefore need to make additional payments or subscriptions in order to access some content or service.



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