Safaricom Giving Hope To Bright But Needy High School Students


Safaricom PLC held a conference at their offices for beneficiaries of the company’s secondary school scholarship program 2019.The program has students from diverse backgrounds all over the country.

During the event, students were engaged in various activities where they worked in groups.The facilitator engaged the audience on life lessons from all the activities.

The beneficiaries who come from needy backgrounds were selected from each county and the rest being those living with disabilities.

15 year old Sowda Issack Abdille story has not been promising all through. Having come from a needy family, her parent struggled to bring her up, they could not afford to pay for her high school fees. Sowda was fortunate to land the sponsorship by Safaricom after she scored 359 marks in her KCPE.

“I thank my primary school teachers because they believed in me and really encouraged me to apply for the Safaricom sponsorship program,” Sowda said.

Safaricom Foundation has sponsored her education in secondary school and she has since joined Pangani girls Secondary school.

“I am very grateful to Safaricom because, without this sponsorship, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to join secondary school.” says Sowda

“I thank Safaricom which has clear heart to assist students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Safaricom has helped me forget about the problems of my school fees as my parent can not afford to pay my school fees.”Sowda Issack Abdille from pangani girls told Biashara Leo.

She hopes to score a minimum of a A- in her KCSE and pursue a degree in law from the university of Nairobi.

The initiative will see Safaricom cover tuition fees, uniforms and school shopping for the 4 years of secondary school learning.David Mwaniki said.

Additionally, Since 2003, Safaricom through its two charitable arms; Safaricom and M-PESA Foundations, has impacted over 1.2 million learners in Primary, Secondary and vocational training institutions across the country. The support has been mainly through; increasing access to education opportunities for children with disabilities and those from nomadic pastoralist communities; providing access to ICT education for both teaches and students; and improving both teacher and student competencies in literacy and numeracy.



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