Rubis Energy Kenya has officially launched into the market following the successful acquisitions of KenolKobil Plc and Gulf Energy Holdings Ltd.  These acquisitions saw Rubis Energy Kenya become a leader in the Kenyan oil industry with a market share of over twenty one per cent and a network of more than two hundred and thirty service stations. According to Mr. Jean-Christian Bergeron, the group managing director of Rubis Energy Kenya, the company decided to enter the Kenyan market based on the region’s high growth potential and the conviction that its proven expertise would bring extra value to all Kenyan customers.  

 “In addition to the acquisition of KenolKobil Plc and Gulf Energy Holdings Ltd, we will continue to invest heavily in the market through modernization of our existing retail outlets into state-of-the-art service stations. Our network of over two hundred and thirty service stations is strategically and widely located across the country, thus playing a key role in delivering quality products and services to all Kenyan customers in a safe environment. We are launching an unparalleled shopping experience through our convenience store brand, Rubis Express, by providing world-class convenience to motorists on the go, saving them time and money. We also provide a fuel card system that gives motorists total control of their fuel-related expenses through our card, offering convenience and efficiency when making payments at our retail outlets,” said Mr. Bergeron.

“Furthermore, we are significantly investing in the development and promotion of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which is a clean and affordable energy source that will support the government’s ambition for an improved quality of life for all Kenyans. We also market an extensive range of high-quality lubricants under the K-Lube and castrol brands and our products, imported or locally blended, meet the highest specifications demanded by most automotive and equipment manufacturers” added Mr. Bergeron.

Rubis Energy Kenya is one of the largest suppliers of aviation into-plane refueling services for regional and international commercial and cargo carriers, and is committed to delivering quality products and services to other business sectors in areas such as industry, agriculture, aviation and road infrastructure development.

The global energy player is also looking at leveraging its integrated distribution chain to increase market share in the region. The company plays an active role in corporate social responsibility activities themed around education, health, safety and environment.  Recently, it has supported initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic by installing sanitation facilities in various locations around Nairobi and providing fuel for ambulances and generators at Mbagathi Hospital.



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