What To Buy Your Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day just over a  day away, it seems many Kenyans may be heading for failure. Here are some of the tips on what might help you when buying gifts for your lover.

Forget the roses, but not the plants.

Roses look and smell lovely for a time, but they wilt and die and are tossed away. Houseplants, on the other hand, look great, can last for years, and help purify the air.

Chocolate is always a good gift.

Some things don’t change, one of them being the love of chocolate. If your partner loves chocolate as much as I love them, then let nothing stop you from buying her chocolate.

Forget the lingerie; buy her yoga pants.

 Good comfortable pair of yoga pants? Those can be used any time, from walks to workouts to the grocery store. While lingerie might be the standard bearer for Valentine’s Day apparel, comfortable, logical clothes make the better gift.



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