Rise in fuel price.


shell fueling station

By Alex Muriithi.

The Energy and Regulatory Commission (E.R.C) has given new fuel prices that will be effective from today midnight,these new prices will run for one month. However, the petroleum prices will vary across the country due to transport costs that reflect how far a location is from Mombasa port.Hence,Mombasa residents will pay the lowest at Sh105.51 per liter of super petrol following the latest price adjustment and Sh100.31 for diesel starting today midnight.

Different prices are likely to be experienced in different parts of the country following the escalation of fuel prices thus, Diesel will rise by Sh4.96 more per liter, petrol will rise with Sh1.64 a liter while kerosene will go for Sh5.88 higher, causing inflation pressure on consumers from midnight.

The prices are expected to be much higher in North Eastern regions  been the furthest locations from Mombasa.





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