All saint’s Eve or all Hallow’s  Eve, better known as Halloween was one of my favourite holiday destinations in America. Not because of the unthinkable yet delicious recipes that would be brewing in many houses, the aura of mystical excitement that lingered in the air, the amazing prettifications and creative adornments that had a way of pleasantly surprising me every year, but, mainly, because one would happily celebrate with friends in a carefree manner, on the New One Day Creation. It is on this pretentious, yet  very exciting day that you can feign just for a little more than 12 hours and live like you would imagine who or what you admire lives.

I read   interesting business article on tricks to make your life better today and achieve results from 10 simple, yet not so well thought of wiles.

Apart from the obvious method of getting more sleep, dinking lots of water, smiling more and thinking positively, learning and trying to exercise every day; the one that stood out for me was called the Allen trick. The author suggests that the top most trick to start your day is to pretend to be an alien.

He explains that once in a while he wakes up thinking and operating like he is in a different body, at  a different place with no worries about yesterday or fears for tomorrow. In simple terms, he is at his utmost relaxed state and in a state of mind that is ready for anything.

An uphill task

This might sound weird and bizarre but can be practised for different, yet effective results in the business world, especially when one decides to engage and venture in business.

Starting, running and seeing your business flourish is no easy task by any means. It is like working in an internationally recognised organization and hoping to climb the corporate ladder in a few years;- it takes time, undeniable patience, perseverance, unforeseen mishaps, broken and untrusting relationships and back breaking hard work.

The first rule of thumb for life or business success is the realization that you are what you think you are and can do what  you think you can do. Unfortunately, not too many people have completely come to terms with who they are on a daily struggle working and expecting results while in the real sense, what they need to be working on – is from within and on themselves.

Self-management and actualization are not easily accomplished as they might sound on paper. It is almost like change. You know change is imminent, you have to embrace it, but when faced with it – it can get very daunting to a point of giving up.

When faced with daily conflicting challenges, it is advisable to pretend to get out of your body and look back at it from a bird’s eye view in order to forge the change or the result you desire; closely related to the action of putting yourself on that famous Freudian Couch. You must take some time out to compare and contrast your self-concept, true self, and ideal self.

Hardworking and smart persons are in a position to be who they art to be in their lives and  can achieve their dreams; but when faced with life’s and business challenges, it is hard to keep a smile on your face especially when things seem to get hard. Sigmund Freud came up with an answer to stress suggesting people use jokes to deal with anxieties and issues. He stated ‘’A cigar may just be a cigar, but a joke is never just a joke’’

A sense of humour can say a lot about one’s intelligence. In fact, a study done by the University of Mexico in the United States of America where 400 students, (200 male and 200 female) revealed that a good sense of humour is sexually attractive, perhaps because it reveals intelligence, creativity, and other good genes or good parent traits.

Humour is universal, and people around the globe smile to elicit happiness with gestures that inwardly spell peace and happiness.

To make it in the business world without getting caught up with depression, financial issues, customer needs and integrity challenges, one might try to be someone other than what they think they are once in a while and put some humour in it.

Happiness is a choice

Waking up with the notion that you are the president of a country, a CEO of an acclaimed organization, a nurse, news anchor, a celebrity, a saint or whatever your desire to be, might help give you the sense of humour that can help you get through your day while still working at the goals and objectives you hope to achieve.

Happiness is but a choice, and choosing to be happy especially during turmoil will surely see the day go by faster and your dreams coming true sooner, as opposed to being gloomy and attracting dullness in your life.

So try being someone you are not tomorrow with an open mind filled with humour and your day will seem shorter.  We can learn lessons from Carl Rogers on Self Analysis by applying psychoanalytic  techniques to our personality and behaviour without the aid of another person.

Managing yourself while working towards your goal as a business owner or an executive is challenging, but using some psychology, thinking a little differently and doing this with a little humour will only show in the results.



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