Redesign Of Nairobi Railways to Ease Traffic Flow

The proposed redesign of the Nairobi Railways station is targeted at a smooth flow of traffic in the city. Photo / Credit

Kenya Railways Managing Director Atanas Maina says the state corporation  is collecting views on the proposed redesign of the Nairobi Railways station that is targeted at a smooth flow of traffic in the city.

Once complete the redesign which will be constructed in phases will carry facilities such as shopping Malls, hotels and bus stops. After revamp, it is set to ease traffic as it will be accessible from key adjacent roads: Haile Selassie Avenue, Uhuru Highway, Bunyala road and Landhies road.

The corporation is  receiving public input through the social media but according to Mr. Maina, they will soon come up with a website for forwarding the ideas aimed at giving the station a new look in a five-year project.

 “The project is under feasibility stage. The critical thing is that we are now going into public engagements to establish what residents want to see out of this project,” he said.

“This project will be a game- changer within the city of Nairobi. As a matter of fact, we will also be having an investor’s conference to attract people to come and invest in this project. This is something that we cannot do for ourselves,” Mr Maina said.

A team drawn from the county government, Housing ministry, Kenya Railways, Lands ministry, and the Urban and Metropolitan Directorate are working on the redesign.

Traffic pile-up within the city and its environs has generated a heated but an incomplete debate on how traffic should be freed up within the city. There’s a metropolitan transport authority that is working on easing up vehicular traffic, also assessing what is happening in Kiambu, Kajiado, Murang’a, Machakos counties.




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