Prideinn Nairobi Set To Launch Outside Catering Unit

PrideInn team led by Nairobi Region Manager, Mr. Jackton Amutala (Centre) unveil new outside catering truck.

By Paul Kamau

Fast-growing indigenous hotel chain, PrideInn is set to introduce an outside catering product dubbed Buffets of PrideInn targeting Nairobi and its environs customers who want lunches, dinners or breakfast at the comfort of their offices, homes or any other idyllic location for their events.

The hotel chain that set up operations in Kenya seven years ago will have different cuisines available for delivery in specially designed and equipped trucks and vans within Nairobi and its environs.

“We are targeting a niche market that wants something unique,” said Farzana Zahir, the Sales and Marketing Director during the Prelaunch brief of Buffets of PrideInn on Thursday.

An increasing appetite for fine dining and indigenous delicacies from especially the middle-class has opened new revenue streams for hotels in Nairobi.

“Our intention is to win guests with our indigenous, tasty cuisines in the comfort of their offices, event venues, homes or other preferred places. We want to provide professional catering services to our customers because we believe quality and luxury must be experienced when it comes to dining,” she added.

The hotel will be serving corporate conferences, events, wedding parties, gala dinners, product launch luncheons, staff parties, anniversaries and other similar events.

The unit has specialized in different cuisines with capacity to handle small groups of 20 to 250 people and large groups of over 2000 people.

“This is exclusively a stand-alone unit with a new team of specialized chefs, event managers, supervisors, wait – staff and even mixologists,” said Mr. Jackton Amutala the Nairobi Region Manager adding that the hotel will endeavor to maintain the international catering standards to gain a competitive edge.

Most well-travelled Kenyans nowadays prefer the master’s touch when it comes to food instead of picking caterers that may require supervision or who may not necessarily guarantee quality.

As more local and international hotel chains set up in Kenya, especially in Nairobi and competition heightens, hospitality investors are looking for new ways to improve their products and increase revenue base.



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