Polycarp Igathe has returned to Equity’s executive team as the Group Chief Commercial Officer reporting to the Group CEO.  Before returning to Vivo in 2019, Igathe was the Managing Director of Equity Bank (Kenya) Limited and also doubled up as the Chief Commercial Officer.

 Under the new Equity brand, he will execute a business growth mandate by offering financial solutions along the business value chain and creating seamless end to end solutions for individuals, business entities and enterprises.“I left part of my heart in Equity, because I saw the immense potential it holds to transform Africa into a social economic powerhouse creating opportunities for wealth creation for our people through integrated financial services solutions,”  said Igathe,   adding  that  financial services are at the heart of any social economic transformation. He is glad that the board has given him another chance.

Dr. James Mwangi, Managing Director and CEO, Equity Group said:  “We welcome Igathe back to Equity and we are excited that he will continue with his role as the Group Chief Commercial Officer. A strong part of our Equity culture is keeping lasting relationships with our family of staff and customers. They are always free to return to the family and bring new experiences that help to make the team stronger and more agile.”  Igathe will champion the commercial function across the Group, subject to approval from the Central Bank of Kenya.



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