Pandemic to trigger $4 trillion loss in global real GDP in 2020


The global economy is projected to lose $3.94 trillion in real Gross domestic Product (GDP) according to data presented by Buy Shares. The loss will be recorded across 2020 mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Going by this data, the ten most impacted countries will cumulatively lose $696.56 billion in real GDP. The United States is projected to be the most hit country with a loss of $178.4 billion followed by Japan at $86.78 billion while the United Kingdom will be the third most impacted country at  $74 billion. France is fourth at $73.34 billion while India will be the fifth most impacted at $71.73 billion.

Other countries to record massive losses in real GDP include Italy,($58.70 billion) Germany ($55.69), Brazil, ($36.06 billion)Russia,($33.27 billion) Mexico, ($32.31 billion)Canada, ($27.92 billion), and South Korea ($3.76 billion). From the research, China is the only country set to register positive growth in real GDP at $51.12 billion.

The researchers highlight how the future evolution of the pandemic will affect the projections. “The economic projections remain conditional as they largely depend on the evolution of the pandemic and measures put in place to contain the crisis. For example, the development of a vaccine will spur rapid recovery. On the other hand, with some countries like the United States facing a second wave, they might revert to severe containment measures like lockdowns, slowing down the recovery. However, it is largely expected that most governments will be prepared for local sporadic outbreaks giving way for targeted local containment measures as opposed to a national outlook,” highlights the research.



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