Outcry from Dairy Farmers

Margret Kibogy, the managing director of KDB

 Dairy farmers in the country have in  the recent  past   been   going    through    very  hard  times   due to  poor  prices  of milk  and  the  ever  rising cost  of  animal  feeds .  This has made the business unprofitable and unattractive to thousands of farmers mainly concentrated in the rural areas   who rely on it for their livelihood.    The local market has also been flooded with cheap milk imported from the neighbouring countries to the detriment of our dairy farmers since the price conscious consumers have shunned their produce.  

  As a way of partially alleviating the farmers’ plight,   the   Kenya Dairy Board [KDB] has capped the amount of money that cooperatives can deduct from dairy farmers to Kshs. 2 per litre. The board has undertaken this initiative in conjunction with the commissioner of cooperatives.

 Margret Kibogy, the managing director of KDB, has said that   the move is aimed at ensuring     that farmers earn at least Kshs. 30 for a litre of milk   after various   deductions have been effected. Currently,   the milk cooperatives are charging producers up to Kshs. 3 a litre as administrative costs.

Nevertheless, some farmers are not happy with this development on the ground that their views were not taken into consideration before it was effected.



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