Only Keep The Women That Matter!



Today am going to step on a few toes but I have given it a long and hard thought. It is no secret that we men give women around us and even in general way too much credit. Question is, do they really deserve it? It is easier to brag at the huge number of women’s contacts that throng your phone as compared to how these women genuinely impact your life.

For many years now and up to date many have harbored these contacts with pride. Stop, take a breather and you will realize that majority just use up your memory. How many do you actually get in touch with? I decided to think hard about my value system. In my official Facebook account I came out as egoistic sometime back when I posted “ I do not take a lady’s number if I do not intend on using it.”

Deep within my status, I invoked a certain strong notion that is common in society. Whenever a man talks to a woman, it is routine for him to ask for her number. Well fellas I reach unto thee and tell you that it is not a must. Only go for the type of women that can be of some benefit to you either as friends or professional. If you are taking her number for formalities sake then you are doing a great disservice to you both.

My point here is that a man should have respect for himself and set standards that he can stick to and for others to follow suit.

From today, try and establish your value system and you will see that only the good breed of women will come your way. After all the road to good things is always narrow. Do not be fazed by the many that will fall by the way side. The few that remain will be worth a lifetime.



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