Dr. Christopher Khisa, Public Relations and Communications Manager NSSF (in a cap) participating in the nationwide tree planting exercise.

In response to the government’s call for a nationwide tree planting exercise, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) took part in the National Tree Planting Day.  The government declared November 10, 2023 a special holiday for Kenyans to plant at least one hundred  million trees in order to enhance forest cover as well as combat the looming climate change crisis. This is in line with government’s audacious plan to plant fifteen  billion trees in the next decade.

NSSF alongside other governmental organizations, engaged in tree-planting initiatives throughout the country. In Nairobi, Dr. Christopher Khisa , the public relations  and communications manager at NSSF, spearheaded the tree-planting exercise. He emphasized the importance of Kenyans responding to the government’s call and turning up in large numbers to contribute to tree planting.  He  further  said   that human beings  depend   on planet  Earth, emphasizing the significance of maintaining a sustainable environment.“Let us always remember that we need this earth more than it needs us. I would like to thank the management of NSSF for making this possible. NSSF is not just about savings, it is also about empowering people and making the world a better place,” he remarked expressing gratitude to NSSF’s management for facilitating   the tree planting  initiative.

Forest cover deficit

The National Environment Management Authority of Kenya (NEMA) currently reports that Kenya’s forest cover stands at 7.4 percent . This is 2.6 percent short of the constitutionally mandated 10 percent national forest cover. The decline in forest coverage is exacerbated by rampant deforestation – mainly due  to  charcoal production. Each Kenyan is encouraged to own the tree planting initiative and plant at least two seedlings.

The NSSF team during the nationwide tree planting exercise.

Corporate social investment

NSSF’s mission extends beyond financial savings. It also focuses  on   empowering individuals and making the world a better place through social impactful programmes. As part of the organization’s  corporate social investment (CSI), NSSF joined Kenyans in planting trees in various regions.

 In the coastal region, Ms. Ibtisam Mohamed, the NSSF branch manager, led a tree-planting session at Mbaraki Girls Primary School in Mombasa. In Vihiga, Ms. Esther Kemei, the NSSF branch manager, oversaw a tree planting session in Kibiri Forest which resulted in the successful planting of over one thousand indigenous trees.

The NSSF Wajir office was not left behind. The  branch manager Abdirahman N. Abdille, and his team planted trees  at Catholic Primary School, Got Ade Primary School and Wajir Girls Primary School. Government officials and members of the public also took part in this exercise.



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