Nine Billion For Transfer To Senior Citizens Set Aside.

The government will next month expend Sh9 billion for the elderly cash transfer beneficiaries.Every one of the 1.3 million legatees will be receiving Sh 8,000 to cover for four months arrears, Social Protection Principal Secretary Nelson Marwa stated. Eac h receipient gets Sh2,000 per month.
“We have the funds awaiting direct-to-account disbursements to the beneficiaries,” Mr. Marwa said in an interview. According to him 170,000 recipients were yet to open bank accounts ahead of this week’s deadline.
“I am requesting all of them to open bank accounts so that they do not miss next month’s disbursements,” he said.
The money targets orphans and vulnerable children, the elderly, persons with severe disabilities and those suffering from hunger. The PS added that the new system would ensure that only genuine beneficiaries receive the cash transfer. This would be decamping from the former routine, whereby recipients picked up the cash handouts from banks. Even so, the new model will ensure they withdraw the money from their bank accounts using ATM cards or over the counter.
“The new system is expected to enable the beneficiaries to easily receive their stipends through their bank accounts,” Mr. Marwa said. The opening of new accounts is being conducted for free in all Counties.
Confirmation by old people can be through their finger prints, while all beneficiaries can access their funds via their mobile phones. They can only open accounts at the Kenya Commercial Bank, Equity bank, Co-operative and Post bank.
“The banks will be expected to put in place mechanisms for efficiently delivering payments of payments of the Inua Jamii stipend to the beneficiaries across the country,” Mr. Marwa said. The Inua Jamii programme is an enhancement of the previous scheme launched in 2012 and targeted all individuals aged above 65 and living in total poverty.


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