New Updates to mySafaricom App


Safaricom’s M-Pesa PIN In App authentication has been rolled out to all users after a successful staff pilot phase which ran from mid March.

The service will be available in the following menus: send money, withdraw cash, Lipa Na  M-Pesa, bill manager and check balance.  In addition, the send money journey has been enhanced to allow : users to reverse money sent to the wrong number in the last confirmation screen, an enhanced experience to enable users add withdraw charges automatically to the amount being sent and phonebook autofill (the moment the user inputs the recipient’s number, the autofill and search is triggered).

The updated Android Build versions are Furthermore, the M-Pesa keyboard has been detached for further enhancements.  The M-Pesa PIN authentication service will be availed to other M-Pesa menus progressively. Finally, due to iOS Appstore policies, the new build will be available in the next seven days.



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