As you get older and wiser, you gain an advantage over your younger counterparts. It’s never too late to do what you love and some of the most successful entrepreneurs only began their business ventures in later years. They include:

Harry Bernstein

Growing to fame at an impressive 96 years of age, Harry Bernstein was the writer of – The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers.  The book tells the story of his life growing up in a poor Jewish family and the divide between the Jews and Christians on the same street. After his manuscript was turned down by many publishers, it got picked up and published in 2007 which saw the story reach great success.

Anna Mary Robertson

Better known as Grandma Moses, Anna Mary Robertson Moses was a talented painter who only started at the age of 78. Her work was a huge hit worldwide and was featured in museums, magazine covers, television and documentaries, leading to numerous awards. In 2006, one of her most popular paintings, “Sugaring Off”, sold for a whopping $1.2 million.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Reaching fame at the age of 65, Laura Ingalls Wilder spent her later years writing semi-autobiographical stories. Her work was edited by her educated daughter, Rose, and her first book in the “Little House” series was published in 1932. The books were hugely popular and quickly became children’s literary classics as well as inspiring the TV show “Little House on the Prairie”.

Harland Sanders

Better known as Colonel Sanders, Harland Sanders is the iconic name behind Kentucky Fried Chicken, a global franchise. He was 62 years old when he founded KFC and his image is still a huge part of the branding to this day, being featured on the brand logo across the world. Twelve years after KFC was created, Harland sold the franchise for $2 million.

Wally Blume

After a long career in the dairy business, Wally Blume decided it was time to start his own ice cream company after his boss decided to create a controversial tomato flavoured ice cream! Denali Flavors was born when Wally Blume was 57 years old and by 2009, the company reported revenue of $80 million and offers over forty different flavours.



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