Nema Displays Alternatives For Use After Banning Non-woven Bags

Nema parades some of the bags they have approved for use in Kenya

Nema has displayed the new approved bags for use by Kenyans after the ban on non-woven carrier bags came into effect on Monday.

This follows a gazette notice issued by the government in 2017 banning the manufacture, importation and use of thin-gauge, single-use carrier bags.

Nema director general Prof Geoffrey Wahungu said that newly approved bags made from sisal, cotton, reeds as well as certain types of hard plastic.

“These bags are made from recycled paper. We can plant wood lots for paper and use that if we need, there’s no problem,” Prof Wahungu told journalists on Tuesday.

He continues by saying that once Kenyans get used to carrying the bags, they will eventually realize that they are more effective as they last longer and promote the local economy because the products are manufactured in Kenya.

A sample of the banned bags

Shoppers are facing shortage of carrier bags after the ban on manufacture, importation and use of unwoven, non -reusable  bags.

Environmentalists praised the ban saying it would help to minimize pollution.

Supermarkets and traders who had stocked the banned carrier bags are counting losses as no one wants to buy the bags for fear of arrest.





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