Her Excellency, Susan Kihika, the Governor of Nakuru county giving her remarks during NCBA’s tree planting initiative.

In line with this year’s World Environment Day theme  : ‘’Focusing on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience,” NCBA  conducted a tree planting exercise in Nakuru County today. The bank  is partnering with Baboon project Kenya and other stakeholders   to plant 10,000 tree seedlings in local schools within Nakuru County. This initiative exemplifies the power of collective action in   addressing environmental challenges.

 NCBA will provide tree  seedlings to schools among  them being :   Kimathi , Lakeview , Baharini , St. Paul  and Flamingo  primary schools.

Rallying call

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), land restoration is a key pillar of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021 – 2030). It is a rallying call for the protection and revival of ecosystems all around the world which is critical to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Speaking at the event, chair of Ushiriki Wema Foundation, Hon. Tessie Musalia, who was the guest of honour emphasized  on  the need for tree planting to mitigate the impact of  floods. “By prioritizing the restoration of degraded ecosystems, particularly through tree planting, Kenya aligns with global best practices that have proven effective in mitigating flood impacts,” she said.

Further, she said that  Nakuru’s rich biodiversity and ecosystem services make it a strategic location for tree planting efforts, with far-reaching implications for environmental conservation and community resilience.” Community engagement lies at the heart of our environmental endeavours. I urge each of you to actively participate in today’s tree planting activities and to take ownership of the trees we plant. Together, we can nurture these trees, ensuring their growth and vitality for years to come.”

John Gachora , NCBA’s Group Managing Director, planting a tree at Kimathi primary school  in Nakuru County to commemorate the World environment Day.

Sustainability commitments

Witnessing the tree planting initiative, NCBA’s  Group Managing Director John Gachora, said that  the bank   is committed towards conserving the environment. “At the heart of our sustainability commitments, we set ambitious targets, including the planting of ten million trees by 2030 across the Group, contributing to the Government agenda to grow fifteen billion trees,” Mr. Gachora said.

  He  further  said   that the tree-planting initiatives with schools across the country will help instill a sense of responsibility and connection to nature for the  young   generation.

“I would like to urge all of us to continue to work together to safeguard the environment for future generations ,” he said adding that this will ensure that  even  our great grandchildren are able to  view Mt. Kilimanjaro’s snow.

Collective efforts

On her part Nakuru County Governor,  Susan Kihika said the  exercise aligns with the government’s agenda of planting fifteen billion trees by 2030. ”Today, as we gather to plant tree seedlings, we are taking a significant step towards a greener and healthier planet. Our collective efforts today symbolize a commitment to restoring and preserving the natural beauty of Nakuru County,” she stated.

Governor  Kihika expressed gratitude to Baboon Project Kenya, the Kenya Forest Service, NCBA Team, Ushiriki Wema Foundation, WWF Kenya, Boreka Kenya, Ahadi Kenya Karura Forest, WWF, Kieni Climate Initiative, Wangari Maathai Foundation and Mama Doing Good Foundation for supporting the initiative.

”I acknowledge that public and private partnerships are crucial to achieving this ambitious goal. By working together with our partners,  we aim to create a lasting impact on the environment and raise awareness about the importance of conservation,” she noted.

Commenting on climate change, she said: “The crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss has become a reality globally, and we are all experiencing the effects of land degradation in our communities. When all of us take part in rebuilding and restoring our natural resources, we will create a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the local environment.”



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