The 2024 NCBA Go- Getter interns been welcomed by the banks staff members.

Internships are often viewed   as the bridge between academics  and the  real-world experience. They  offer   invaluable opportunities for young professionals to gain practical skills and insights in diverse careers.  Granted,  the corporate world is highly competitive and fresh  graduates often struggle to get their foot in the door.  This  is  mainly  because  they   lack the experience and skills  that  are   needed to make an entry and excel  in  said world.  The corporate world   is face paced and highly demanding and only accommodates professionals who are high achievers, multi-talented and ambitious. It is not for the faint heated.

In  a  bid  to   address this  issue, NCBA Bank has developed  the  ‘Go-Getter Internship Programme’  which   provides    fresh   graduates with an  opportunity   to take a leap forward and embark  on a   journey towards achieving   their dreams.  Those  who  join  the  programme  are able   to  gain  experience  in  various areas of the bank, including retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking,  human  resources ( HR) , finance  and regional business. The programme  has been successful in launching careers of many young professionals.

An intern’s testimonial

Last year, the bank had  forty five  interns. Their  experience at NCBA was memorable. Sarah Danga, one of the interns at the projects department, has been involved in numerous projects and has seen a significant change in herself. “My greatest lesson has been: believing in myself and team work,” Sarah shares adding that  NCBA has acted as her springboard  into the corporate world.

Welcoming a new cohort

This year, the bank has on boarded a new  group –  2024 NCBA Go – Getter interns –  on an exhilarating journey of growth, learning and success in a fast paced environment. The programme  runs for eight months, during which interns are assigned to various units across the business operations.  It  kicked off on Tuesday, April 23rd on a very high  note. The interns were all in high  spirits  and eager  to  hone  their skills. In their  first  day,  they  met   new people  and   learnt   new things as  they  got   ready to grow professionally.

 During  their  internship,  they   will learn more about the special NCBA Go Getter culture that makes the programme  to  stand  out. By  and  large,  they will leverage   different  fields  of the bank  and  acquire experience  that  will   come in handy in their career growth.

 Significantly, the  programme  celebrates diversity. Interns come from different backgrounds and bring fresh perspectives, making the workplace lively and exciting.



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